Three Reasons Proper Hydration is Important for You

  1. You can work smarter not harder.
  2. Increases ability to handle stress effectively.
  3. Reduces body pain and improves sleep.

Welcome you to Infinite Soulutions.   We are here to help you live the life of your dreams.  Whatever your dream or goal is you will need a healthy body, a sharp mind and boat loads of energy to achieve it.

Infinite Soulutions is here to help you.  Proper hydration is the first and most important step to having a body that thrives!  Our bodies are primarily water and water is the main essential ingredient our bodies were designed to thrive on. 

Unfortunately 75% of the population is dehydrated.  The problem is that most people don’t know they are dehydrated and most are unaware of how dehydration impacts their health and quality of life.

When you understand how water works in your body, why you need it, and how to identify signs of dehydration you will quickly learn that many of the symptoms you may be experiencing can be easily resolved by drinking more water. 

Tip # 1 Fluid intake does not always equal hydration.

There is a caveat to this.  Chronic dehydration leads to long term health effects that may not be reversed through proper hydration, however symptoms may be easier to manage or less severe in nature.

Starting a proper hydration program early is the best prevention!

At Infinite Soulutions we make it easy.  We give you proper information about hydration and dehydration, steps you can take to immediately improve your hydration and the proper tools to use.

On our site you will find a host of information about proper hydration; what it is, why it is important and what you can do to start improving your health and quality of life today.

You will also find a variety of high quality hydration products to fit your lifestyle and your budget.

If you are a cancer survivor or know someone who is, our alkaline products will be of particular interest as they can aid the body to balance pH levels.  (Cancer grows in an acidic environment.  Neutralizing that acid is essential.)  pH mineral water is also more easily absorbed by the body for more effective hydration results.

Our goal is to help you have the body you need to achieve your dreams. Proper hydration is the most important and the cheapest thing you can do to do that.


The side effects of proper hydration often include but are not limited to:

  •    Reduces body/back/joint pain
  •    Improved sleep
  •    Higher energy levels
  •    Sharp mind
  •    Improved ability to handle stress
  •    More love and joy in your life
  •    A better sex life

Wouldn’t you rather have those side effects than the ones that come with pharmaceutical warnings?

We welcome your feedback and your questions.

Remember "Do Things That Make Your Spirit Sing!"


Barb Doran

CEO Infinite Soulutions