Infinite Soulutions

Your Stainless Steel Water Bottle and Water Enrichment Specialists

Our Company

Infinite Soulutions was founded in 2007 to provide a safe and environmental enriching alternative to bottled water and to provide personal water enrichment products that maximize the benefits one can receive from drinking water. Our bodies are 70% water therefore the water bottles we choose to use and the water we choose to drink has a profound impact on our health.  Our focus is quality, health and safety features and education.  We believe that by empowering our clients with information and knowledge they are in a better position to make informed choices.

Infinite Soulutions corporate headquarters are located in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

Our Mission

To combine ethical business practices, quality products and education, with partnerships and community involvement to create; social change, health & wellness, (body, mind & spirit) and to enrich environmental harmony for all.

Our Vision

Our vision is very simple. We want people to have a safe bottle to drink their water from. We want them to have good water to drink and we want to do this in a way that enriches environmental harmony.

About Us

Infinite Soulutions’ avant-garde approach to conducting business sets us apart in the industry.  Having trained with top metallurgists, Infinite Soulutions is the only company to combine the latest research in quantum/metaphysics with primary grades of 304 and 304L stainless steel to create our own unique lines of high end stainless steel water bottles.  By combining superior grades of stainless steel with water enrichment products our clients are able to maximize the health benefits they receive from drinking water.

People are switching to stainless steel water bottles for two main reasons.  They want to ensure their water bottles are BPA free and they want to have a water bottle that is eco-friendly.  With so many different water bottles on the market today it can be difficult to find a water bottle of good quality.  Infinite Soulutions educates all its clients on what to look for in a good stainless steel water bottle, proper care of their bottles and the signs to look for that indicate it may be time to recycle their bottles. We want our clients to be informed and confident in the decisions they are making for their health and for their family’s health. 

Taking this one step further, Infinite Soulutions believes that drinking good water is the second step of a good water wellness plan and is the single biggest and easiest thing we can do to optimize our health.

Our water enrichment products are designed to increase the health benefits of drinking water such as:

  • More effective hydration,
  • Balancing the blood Ph levels and
  • Reducing our risk of certain diseases such as cancer and osteoporosis.

Water is the foundation of all our success.  Why…. because water is the cornerstone to good health and good health is what will carry us forward on our journey of fulfilling our dreams.  Drinking good water is really the easiest thing anyone can do to create change in their life regardless of where they are starting.

Corporate Culture

“Quality and customer satisfaction is what drives our bottom line, not our bottom line driving quality and customer satisfaction”, states Barb Doran, Founder and President of Infinite Soulutions.  By providing quality products with education for staff, clients and our distributors, and through our Corporate Environmental Enrichment Partnership Program - C.E.E.P.P., our Community Fundraising Initiative and our Corporate Sponsorship, Infinite Soulutions has become known as ‘Canada’s Trusted Source for Stainless Steel Water Bottles and Water Enrichment Products and has developed a reputation as a respected and reputable company. 

“Education is a big part of doing business for Infinite Soulutions,” Doran states.  “Stainless steel water bottles and water enrichment products such as alkaline water are relatively new in the market place and we find that people are still largely unaware of the extent of their benefits.  Whether the reason to switch to high grade stainless steel water bottles is because of the BPA found in bottled water, or because of the environmental impact of bottled water, or because people want to be in control of knowing what is in the water they are drinking, once people understand that switching can not only provide them a safe and healthy alternative, they are also inspired by knowing they are automatically playing a role in preserving the environment.  They have made the leap from being part of the problem to proudly becoming part of the “soulution” and that is what excites us!  This really is a win-win for everyone.”