Our Corporate Culture

Infinite Soulutions is not only Canada’s trusted source for stainless steel water bottles and water enrichment products, that are healthy, safe and eco-friendly we also bring integrity and ethics to how we conduct our business.  We utilize a four pillar approach to how we do business.

The 4 Pillars of Success 

Pillar I      Consumer Education

Our belief is that the best decision a consumer can make is an informed decision. We know that people want to make the best decisions they can for their health and for their family’s health.  In order to make these decisions, consumers have to be aware of the facts.  With such an influx of metal bottles on the market today is can be difficult to find  a good, safe quality stainless steel water bottle without going through the time and expense of the ”trail and effort method”. 

Infinite Soulutions educates its clients on what to look for in a good quality stainless steel water bottle, what to avoid, how to ensure their bottle is good quality stainless steel, the difference between aluminum and stainless steel water bottles, health features to pay attention to etc. By educating our clients we are empowering them to make informed decisions that will save them valuable time and hard earned money.  We want our clients to have the best.

Our website is packed full of information designed to educate and inform consumers on these issues before they buy from us.

Many people are still not really aware of all the benefits associated with switching to a high end stainless steel water bottle or why they should switch.   Infinite Soulutions is able to raise this level of awareness without using the “fear factor”.  We want people to know what the issues are, only to the extent that we want them to be aware of the “soulutions”.  Our focus is to inspire people to become part of the soulution.

Our water enrichment products help our clients get more benefits from their water.  We are at a time when we are learning new things about water, its importance, its life giving and  life sustaining capabilities and how water is structured.  While drinking more water is good, why not get more from the water you are drinking and maximize the benefits you will receive?

Water is the essence of all life. It is the single biggest contributing factor to our quality of life.  We want our clients to prosper, to live a life full of love, joy and abundance.  Our health is the cornerstone to fulfilling our dreams instead of just dreaming the dreams.  Our motto is “SAY YES”.  Say yes to life, say yes to happiness, say yes to prosperity, say yes to you, say yes to your health, say yes to water, say yes to…  The possibilities are endless.  Start saying yes to water and watch how it can transform your body, your energy levels, your mental clarity etc.

Ode to Our Clients

  1. We believe that our clients are our most valuable asset.
  2. We believe that our clients want to make well-informed consumer decisions about their health and the environment.
  3. We believe that sharing our knowledge and expertise empowers our clients to make informed decisions.
  4. We believe our clients want to be say yes to their life and want to contribute to enriching environmental harmony.
  5. We believe that a happy and satisfied client is our most effective marketing strategy.
  6. We believe that our clients are our most valuable source of feedback about our products and services and we actively encourage and solicit their feedback.
  7. We believe that honesty is the best approach.

Pillar II      Product Information

When clients understand the benefits and how using products can change their life it is easy for them to take the next step. Infinite Soulutions is committed to educating our clients on our products and services along with their benefits for health and the environment.  People need to know what they are buying, the quality of the products they are buying and how they will benefit from those products.  They need to know they can place their trust in our company and our products.

Infinite Soulutions trained with top metallurgist to learn about the best grades of stainless steel to use in their water bottles.  By combining this knowledge with the latest research in quantum physics, Infinite Soulutions has developed its own unique line of high end stainless steel water bottles.

Infinite Soulutions water bottles are:

  • Primary grades of 304/304L grade stainless steel. 
  • Higher quality steel means water tastes fresh, clean and free from a metal taste and foul odors which is common with lower grades of stainless steel and from corrosion.
  • Health and safety features. Our bottles are free from internal liners or coatings ensuring there are safe from chemical leaching. 
  • Our bottles have a brushed stainless steel finish to eliminate any concerns associated with painted bottles particularly lead paint. 
  • Our logo is an ink logo.
  • Value added features.  Our bottles come with our standard two lids; a twist off lid and a sports top lid.
  • Our bottles offer holistic benefits no other company can provide. (See Ode to Our Products #6.)

Ode to Our Products

  1. We believe in our products.
  2. We believe in providing products that have healthy benefits for our clients.
  3. We believe in providing products that are beneficial to our environment.
  4. We believe in providing superior quality products.
  5. We believe that products with longevity better serve the environment and provide good value for the consumer dollar.
  6. We believe that by combining key principles from quantum physics/metaphysics, health, personal wellness, lifestyle and the environment into our products we provide our clients with unique benefits no other company can provide.
  7. We believe using our products can have a huge impact on well-being.

Pillar III    The Buying Process

Whether clients buy direct or online, Infinite Soulutions is committed to making this process as easy and informative as possible.

Infinite Soulutions believes that employees who can address consumer needs with a sincere, honest and informed approach can greatly contribute to the satisfaction of the shopping experience.

Ode to Our Employees

  1. We believe that our employees are our most valuable resource.
  2. We believe that employee health and wellness is the heart of a healthy organization.
  3. We believe that every employee is a valuable team member.
  4. We believe that when we all work together to provide the best for our clients, we bring out the best in ourselves.
  5. We believe in empowering our employees to use their creativity and ingenuity and to bring forth their suggestions for future direction.
  6. We believe that knowledgeable, well trained employees are in the best position to provide a valuable experience to our clients.
  7. We believe that proper customer service leads to satisfied clients.

Pillar IV     Customer Satisfaction

When we do our job right in the first three pillars we can ensure customer satisfaction.  A satisfied customer is a happy customer.  A happy customer is a loyal customer.  We believe the root of customer satisfaction lies in the corporate culture cultivated at Infinite Soulutions.  When we maintain excellence in all aspects of our business our clients win, the environment wins and our employees win…then Infinite Soulutions wins.

Ode to our Corporate Culture

We are committed to:

  1. Excellence. 
  2. Maintaining ethical business practices that foster excellence in all employees and in all aspects of the business.
  3. Keeping consumer health and the environment at the heart of every decision.
  4. Our belief that well-being, laughter and joy (body, mind & Soul) brings out the best in everybody.
  5. The importance of being inspired by and committed to our goals and our vision.
  6. Our belief that when we do our job right our clients become our biggest fans.
  7. Our belief that when we adhere to our 4 Pillars we are all winners.