Private Label

Infinite Soulutions offers Private Label Services.

We encourage companies to use our products to promote their company for health and environmental benefits.  Stainless steel water bottles help companies lower their carbon footprint while improving health for their clients and their employees. 

Using high end stainless steel water bottles as a promotional tool is a smart business decision.  We say high end because companies get a bigger bang for their promotional/advertizing dollar.  Many people are dissatisfied with the performance and taste from lower quality bottles.  This means these bottles sit on shelves collected dust or they are discarded.  Using a high end stainless steel water bottle gives your clients a product they like and use.  People take their bottles with them everywhere they go giving companies great exposure to unlimited markets.

When choosing any product to brand, it is important to ensure the quality of the product reflects the integrity of the company.  People associate our line of water bottles with quality therefore they will associate quality with the company who gives them the bottle.  The opposite is also true. 

Good quality bottles are very difficult to find in the market.  Infinite Soulutions line of stainless steel water bottles exceeds industry standards.  We trained with metallurgist.  Our quality and health and safety features reflect our knowledge and expertise.

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