C.E.E.P.P.  Corporate Environmental Enrichment Partnership Program.

We are in a time where our clients and our employees are demanding more from companies in terms of ethical business practices, integrity, healthy working conditions and corporate social responsibility.

Many companies are faced with transitioning their focus solely away from profit and bottom lines, to doing business in a new era where integrity and corporate responsibility play a huge role in affecting their bottom line, their reputation and client loyalty.

Faced with cutbacks and layoffs many companies are left with trying to do more with less.  C.E.E.P.P. incorporates and integrates many different areas to save you time and money.

C.E.E.P.P.  was created solely for our corporate clients to address these factors. This program shows our corporate clients how easy it is to incorporate all of these key factors into their business and to save money doing it. 

Some of the highlights of the C.E.E.P.P. program includes information on:

  • Increasing your E-ROI, Environmental Return on Investment.
  • Why high end stainless steel water bottles are much more than just SWAG.
  • Calculating your carbon footprint reduction.
  • The ROI of investing in employee health and wellness.
  • Becoming leaders in your community.
  • Our Say Yes Campaign

Our C.E.E.P.P.  partners are recognized on our website and profiled in our newsletters/ezines.

For more information on this program contact info@infinite-soulutions.com