"I deal with Infinite-Soulutions because you seemed very knowledgeable about your product and the industry standards.  I like the look of the bottles as well as the option to have a pop top.  I have always felt that I was “the most important person you spoke to that day”  - You definitely give the feeling that you are there to help my business. 

In my opinion we purchased from you for the first time because of the quality of your product.   We saw your product early in the show and were impressed by the quality of it and nothing else we saw compared to it.   The quality of the product made it stand out from others.   The cost of the product always has to be considered and your price was competitive.  You delivered on schedule and to my knowledge we didn't have one single issue with your bottles.   We are all aware of the amount of plastic water bottles and the need to make a positive change. Your incredible people skills are an asset to your company and I have enjoyed seeing you once a year and am pleased for you that you are growing as I was sure you would."

Janet Kuhn -- Okanogan College


"When I met you at the Toronto show, I was thrilled to be able to order from someone in Calgary, which is a whole lot closer!  You seemed very knowledgeable about the product, and when I saw you the following year at the Calgary show, I was happy to hear that you have improved your products to include bottles that can be washed in a dishwasher, and one with a wide mouth. 

I enjoyed your company at the show, I thought you were really friendly and it appeared that you really wanted to succeed in your business.  As a business person myself, I recognized that, and was very willing to do business with you."

Jan Anchor D


"Do you know how hard it is to find water bottles of this quality?"

The Water Store - Maple